W50 x H67 holes ornaments

W64 x H66 Candycane

standard size sheets

7 Count



Christmas Chick Wall Decoration


70 Patterns reduced half price! Wall Hangings, Tissue covers, Memory Game and cat toys. You’ll have plenty of time to work one up as a Christmas gift.

Instant Download  pattern and will be delivered to as soon as payment is made.

Price reduced 50% for the next 10 days only!!!

Are you interested in learning and stitching PLASTIC CANVAS projects?

Considering a new teaching class and possibly, a paid pattern club. Please send me your email if this is something you’re interested in so I can add you to the list. The photo below is a piece of a project that you’d be learning. How to stitch and how to attach the pieces to complete the project.  Send email address to


Come on into my shop and look around. Here are some of the cats waiting for you. They are all done on 7 count Plastic Canvas. Some are stitched on standard size others are stitched on artist size sheets

Cat collection

Cat Napping400 KT

Framed Cat Scene’s.  W90 x H91 holes. Artist size canvas.

Instant Download  pattern and will be delivered to as soon as payment is made.

Garden Kitties400 Cup of cuteness 400

plastic canvas

Plastic Canvas Crafts Secrets

How to spark your inner "idea factory" and take all of your plastic canvas crafts projects from the ordinary to the breathtakingly extraordinary virtually overnight!