Posted on: June 2, 2017

Plastic Canvas Patterns Club — Save

 BIG on Plastic Canvas Patterns!

Attention: All members must have a Facebook account, because this is strictly a Facebook Club.




20 patterns for august


Save Big…are you paying full price for plastic canvas patterns on a regular basis? If so this club may be very beneficial to you.

Here’s why! Patterns on my Etsy store or on Lissa’s website can be as high as $6.95 each.

But if you join the PCPC 2017 Club there are 151 patterns available to choose from right now, and 20 more are added each month and you can get them for as low as $2.00 a piece. Here’s how it works…
You have two options:
Option #1– Pay $6.00 a month and choose 3 patterns (that’s only $2.00 per pattern).
Option #2– Pay $9.00 a month and choose 6 patterns

(that’s only $1.50 per pattern).

What’s more, you can buy as many monthly memberships as you want! For example if you bought two $6.00 monthly memberships you’d get 6 patterns. And if you bought two $9.00 monthly memberships you’d get 12 patterns! And you can quit anytime you like, or renew at any level of membership you want each month.

Two designers , ONE club. (Lissa Conley [Mitchell] & Kathy Barwick)
THIS IS A GROUP ON FACEBOOK! You must have us added as friends to get in!
PAY BY THE 5TH – MEMBERS ARE ADDED BY THE 6th OF EACH MONTH. Click here, for more details.
Click here to visit Kathy’s Etsy store and see all of her unique and original plastic canvas patterns!

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