Posted on: August 29, 2012

Thursday September 6th at NOON, I’ll post a card like the one shown below.  This card is only a sample. These are not the snippets you’ll be looking for!

Example: Small Snippet of a pattern.

The snippet is from the pattern called My Front Porch.

The correct card will be posted on my plastic canvas designer’s community wall. Thursday September 6th at NOON. So everyone will start looking as soon as I post the card. It will have  25 pictures on it.

The pictures are snippets of patterns listed on my Etsy

The first person to email me at with the full complete names as given in each listing of all 25 pictures. Sample is below, will be the winner.

Simple Fridgies
Utensil Caddy
Who-o-o’s There
Monkeying Around
It’s in the Mail Tissue Topper
Rainbow Desk Set
Plastic Canvas Face Mask KITTY
Plaid Chair
Victorian Boy Ornaments
Holiday House
Early Birds
Thanksgiving Wreath
Pencil Me in Pencil Collection
Nested Animal Dolls
Decorative Clips
Beautiful Bathroom Waste Basket
Animal Boxes
Songbird Coasters
Be My Valentine Box
Angel Bear Stocking Holder
Two By Two
School Bus Tissue Topper/Organizer
Cow Paper Plate Holder
Pet Pals

The Winner of the game can pick any pattern of their choice that is $10.00 or under for free from my Etsy store. All you need to do is WIN and tell me what pattern you want.

(The only exclusion to this game, you CAN”T pick patterns from Robyn Watson, Lori Steinman, Laura Oversby or Genevie Doyle’s sections.)

All PDF patterns are copyrighted!

Please do not distribute them on the internet. Thank you for respecting the copyright to the patterns I have created. Copyright 2012©

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