Bingo Game 8…Any Straight Bingo

Posted on: November 28, 2011

Would you like to increase your odds of winning or just don’t like playing with the card you currently have? 

 This offer will be available before the start of each game. The time frame will be adjusted accordingly.

  •   Buy any item from my Etsy store , from Nov 29th to Dec 4th and as an added bonus you’ll receive another bingo card.

  You may use any cards you currently have to play any games for the rest of the year.  

 There will be no limit as to how many cards you can play with. But you can only receive one added bonus during this time frame of Nov 29th to Dec 4th .

After this time frame you will have to wait until game nine if you want an extra card and make a purchase during the new time frame.

You don’t want to miss game #8. The winner will receive two FREE patterns from my store!

FIRST…The Winner of the game can pick ANY pattern of their choice under that is $10.00 or under for free from my Etsy store.  I will pay the postage. All you need to do is WIN and tell me what pattern you want.

Second…I’ll also send you a surprise Christmas Pattern as a gift! So you’ll receive TWO patterns.

The game will be a simple straight bingo. I’ll post two numbers daily. So this should be a very quick game.

  • Featured Artist Section patterns are excluded from your choice.  You can’t pick from that section!

GAME Eight will start Monday Dec 5th. We will be playing any straight Bingo. 

For Plastic Canvas Crafts Designer’s Community Members Only!

RULES: READ the rules

* NOTE THIS CHANGE…Bingo Game Numbers will be posted on my Plastic Canvas Crafts Designer’s Community and nowhere else!

All games are played from the Bingo card I send you, don’t delete it!!!!!

  • For all new players, send your first and last name along with correct email address, and write the Word Bingo as the subject to:

 Do not post your address anywhere else!  Send it to me on or before Dec 3cd and I will send you a PDF bingo card before we start Game Eight.

Each card will have a different arrangement of numbers. Do not lose this card; it will be the only one you get. You’ll use this card for future Bingo games.

It’s up to you to keep track and to watch for the new numbers.

Watch the numbers and make sure they are correct before calling Bingo!

 If you think you’re a winner post the word BINGO on my Plastic Canvas Crafts Designer’s Community and nowhere else! After I check your card and numbers and verify that you’re the winner, you can go to my Etsy store and pick ANY pattern of your choice for $10.00 or under for free.

  • Featured Artist Section patterns are excluded from your choice.  You can’t pick from that section!

As soon as you pick your pattern send an email to and let me know what pattern you want. If you don’t pick a PDF pattern then make sure to send me your mailing address. I will pay for the shipping.

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