Featured New Artist…Robyn Watson

Posted on: January 9, 2011

Robyn Watson is a talented and creative plastic canvas crafts designer I’ve had my eye on for a long time now – 

— in fact, I’ve been watching her work closely ever since she first started posting her original patterns on my Plastic Canvas Crafts Designer’s Group on Facebook back in February of 2010.

 At that time, Robyn shared photos of her work on my group, and the response was overwhelming. 

Everyone wanted her patterns! 

Great News… 

Only one problem:  the patterns hadn’t been created yet. 

Like me, Robyn designs her original plastic canvas projects in her head, then works them, and only afterwards creates the patterns! 

Well the GREAT news is this:  Robyn has finished the patterns to what I believe are seven of her very best original projects.   

And you can view them on my Esty store under the Featured Artist section.

Unique, Delightful, Functional

 I think you’ll agree with me that Robyn is a very talented plastic canvas crafts designer.  Her finished projects are not only unique and delightful to look at, but very functional as well.

 You can rest assured you’ll be hearing a lot more from Robyn Watson in the plastic canvas world as time goes on.

 Below is a sneak peak at the patterns you’ll find at this link on my Etsy store:

Small School Bus


Howl At The Moon Tissue Box Organizer


   Howl At The Moon Bag Holder


Mail Truck                    


School Bus Tissue Box Organizer


School Books Tissue Box Organizer

 Be My Valentine Box



As you can see, Robyn is a very gifted plastic canvas crafts designer.  Her projects are a blast to make. And they’re assured to brighten up any home.

If you’re as enthused as I am about Robyn’s projects, be sure to pick up a few of them at my Etsy store.

You can get to know Robyn a little more, below…

Meet Robyn Watson 

Read her story…

I’ve been doing plastic canvas since 1998, and began designing my own patterns in 2008. I found myself taking patterns and adjusting them into different pieces and the next thing I knew I was starting my own patterns from scratch. While I don’t have too many patterns that are just my own, I look forward to learning more and designing fun projects.

Where It All Began…

I’ve enjoyed doing crafts since I was little. My mentor and inspiration was Marie Garrett. She lived in an aqua house on our street. Yep, an aqua house…it was her favorite color. She was the original “From Trash to Treasures” lady. She could take just about anything, and she kept just about everything, and turns it into the most beautiful craft you could imagine.

She introduced me to crafts I had never seen before and many that I’ve never seen since. For example, she had these cans of liquid that came in different colors. We would take floral wire and form them into leaves, petals, or other shapes and then dip them in this liquid. We then stuck the bottoms into a piece of oasis (floral foam) and waited until they dried. Then we would take them and make them in beautiful flowers or displays. When dry, they were very brittle, but they made beautiful pieces.

Marie taught me so many things and she was the key in nurturing my imagination and crafting spirit. She taught me how to make taffy, peanut brittle, and candy; paper crafts, string crafts, and sewing; she even taught me the proper way to host a tea party. She was an inspiration not only to me, but too many of the children on our street.

I grew up, went to school and moved away, but I always thought of her and when I could I would stop in and visit with her. Those visits became fewer and fewer and soon life just kind of swept me away. I never stopped thinking about her though.

When I was in my early 30′s I stopped in one day and was surprised to find her still living in that aqua house. She was in her 90′s by then, but still sharp as a tack. She needed a wheelchair to get around and lived only on the first floor of her home. But she was living on her own!

I started stopping in every Wednesday and we would visit and reminisce about all the crafts we did together. She loved jokes…oh how she loved her jokes. She always had a few for me every time; she even repeated quite a few, but I never stopped her; you could tell she loved to hear the laughter and see the smiles.

In 1997, Marie came to my bridal shower, but shortly after that life once again took over and swept me away. Marie passed away the following year, but I didn’t know about her passing until my sister told me she saw the obituary in the paper.

I was so thankful to be able to attend the memorial service to celebrate her life. I was also hoping to make it to the estate sale. I wanted to see if I could buy her multitude of craft supplies. Unfortunately, I couldn’t get out of work that day, but my parents went and reported back that there wasn’t much of anything left. They did buy one item…it was her publicity book.

 I was stunned. Out of all the amazing and memorable things I wanted, this was the one thing I didn’t even know existed, and it was the most amazing item of all. The photos, news articles, craft papers, notes of thanks, and just so many things. It was the final treasure Marie shared with me. I still think of her often and think of how proud she’d be to know that her lessons in crafting are alive and well and being passed on through me.

Well thanks for reading and now let’s get stitching!

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8 Responses to "Featured New Artist…Robyn Watson"


All Robyn’s patterns are in color with color graphs, finished photos, step-by-step instructions and materials list.

She is very talented and I love southwestern designs.

Robyn is very talented! I love all her designs.

I like here designs, too. Very eye-catching!

She’s done an awesome job.

were can iget the pattnern the mail truck can you tell me were to get it i would like to do it for someone ok
rhonda bruhin

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