Get The Winning Hand, and Win a FREE Pattern of Your Choice!

Posted on: October 9, 2010

If you’ve never shopped on my Etsy store  you don’t know what you’re missing, because I give away FREE patterns every month. 

For example, once each month I hold a drawing from the names of everyone who has purchased an item from my Etsy Store during the previous month.  I put their names into a box and draw out a lucky winner.  That person wins any pattern of their choice for $10.00 and under –you’re notlimited to PDF patterns. 

A New Way to Win a FREE Pattern! 

Now I’ve added a new way to win a FREE  pattern. I call it The Winning Hand.  Here are the exciting details… 

I’ve listed over 800 items on my Etsy Store. 750 are patterns. Some of these are my own original patterns but the majority of them have been taken from plastic canvas books, magazines and leaflets I’ve collected over the past 16 years, including some of the older patterns from Annie’s International Plastic Canvas Club.

There’s a wide variety of rare, out-of-print and hard-to-find patterns. And they’re not photocopies they’re the actual printed patterns, taken straight out of their original publications, which I mail to you by U.S. Postal service immediately upon receiving your order!

Iv’e listed the items for this game in the section of my Etsy store called the Winning Hand Game. These listings will have a picture of an Ace from a deck of playing cards.

 When you buy any 4 of these items with the Ace playing card in the listing, you’ll then have a Winning Hand. You don’t have to purchase these all at once.  I’ll keep track of your purchases and the amount of Aces you have, and will notify you when you have a winning hand. 

Each Winning Hand gives you a FREE  PATTERN of your choice  for $10.00 and under –you’re notlimited to PDF patterns. 

(Please note: Patterns in the Featured Artist category are the only exclusion; You cannot pick from them.) 

 That’s right! Look for the Aces…and WIN!

By the way, I’ll be adding more aces to many more patterns over the next few weeks, so keep coming back!

Best regards, and Happy stichin’! 

Kathy Barwick

Your Plastic Canvas Crafts Coach

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7 Responses to "Get The Winning Hand, and Win a FREE Pattern of Your Choice!"


I’m posting the instructions on my face book wall and on my group wall at…


When I finish the entire project I will put it into a blog and you can it it here.

i would like the price of 150sets of the plastic playing card holders. What would be the price?

$102.00 includes postage. That would be 30 packs. 10 per pack equals 300 pieces.

I’ll reduce the price to $80.00 and that still includes postage.

i sent a message to you I will take the reduced price of $80 how do you want the payment and where do I send it.

I will take the $*0 plese get back to me with details at 360 574-1621

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