How to Enter Your Finished Projects in Crafts Competitions…and Win Blue Ribbons Every Time!

Posted on: September 27, 2010

 In my upcoming new book, Plastic Canvas Crafts Secrets, one of the chapters you’ll read reveals how to enter your finished projects into local, regional and state crafts competitions…

…and bring home the blue ribbon every time even when the competition is stiff!

“Every time?” you might ask.  Yes, every time.

This is not at all far-fetched.  I’ve actually done it, year after year for the past 12 or 13 years. 

In fact, the ribbons in the photo above reflect my winning entries for this year alone!

So if you have a competitive spirit, and enjoy seeing your work displayed publicly and compared against the work of others (and admired), you can do it, too.  I promise!

You just have to know how to plan your entries strategically to fit the specific types of competitions you’re entering, and how to please the critical eyes of the judges. 

It’s extremely exciting, and can be very gratifying.  Indeed, it’s become one of my favorite reasons for doing plastic canvas.

How I Do It (And You Can, Too)!

For example, the Pahrump Fair & Festival was held over this past weekend, here in my little town of Pahrump, NV. 

I entered several items in the plastic canvas division.  

The fair theme this year was, “Family Fun.”

And because there’s a sizeable population of cowboys in this town, and I knew there was going to be a rodeo, too, I used that information to develop my entry. 

I stitched a family of three little bears dressed as cowboys.  And I named it Cowboy Bears Going to the Fair“.

The three bears were from a plastic canvas kit I’d found.  But I added a few little embellishments and stitched an eye-catching sign to fit the fair theme.

I then mounted the finished pieces on a bail of straw to enhance the western atmosphere I was trying to achieve.

The ribbons in the photo below reflect the success of the whole idea.  My entry won both the First Place blue ribbon and the Lot Champion (equivalent to Best of Division in other competitions)! 

(Click on the photo below to see my entry in more detail.)

I also entered several other finished pieces that I’d completed earlier this year (see photos below).  These scored me two more First Place blue ribbons, and a Second Place ribbon, to boot!

As you can see in the photos below, my Tangerine Dream Handbag and Checkbook set won a First Place blue ribbon.  My Mardi Gras Mask set won Reserve Lot Champion as well as the First Place blue ribbon.  And my Christmas ornament won a Second Place ribbon! 

By the way, these are my own original designs. You may have seen them listed on my Etsy Store, where I have over 30 of my original plastic canvas patterns listed, and over 500 old, rare and classic plastic canvas patterns from major plastic canvas crafts publishers.

(Click on the photos below to see my entries in more detail.)

Just For Fun!

And just for fun, I also entered some of my Kumi Loom items in the Handmade Jewelry category. 

Making necklaces, bracelets and other braided items using a Kumi Loom is a new craft I learned a few months ago. 

And it paid off handsomely at the fair, with a First Place and Second Place ribbon, as you can see below. 

(Click on the photos below to see my entries in more detail.)

Finally, since the fair also has a horticulture competition, and since I love to garden, I also entered some of my garden Zucchini Squash into the 6″ to 12″ category.

The result?  I walked away with another First Place blue ribbon.  (I think the crazy “eyes” embellishment did the trick…LOL.)

(Click on the photo below to see my entry in more detail.)

As  you can see, crafts competitions can be a real blast.  (And yes, they can also give you a real sense of accomplishment when you win.) 

But the real reward is what you learn from the process, starting with the planning of your entries, to the execution, to the actual crafts competition itself where you’re entries are compared and judged alongside the entries of other talented crafters.

So if entering and winning crafts competitions  is something you might be interested in, be sure to watch for my upcoming new book, Plastic Canvas Crafts Secrets.

In my book, you’ll not only learn dozens of exciting new strategies, ideas and tips for taking your plastic canvas crafting skills to the next level…

…but you’ll also learn how to win awards and even make some nice, cold hard cash from your addiction to plastic canvas! Happy Stitchin’!

Kathy Barwick

Your Plastic Canvas Crafts Coach

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