Bingo Game Rules

Posted on: April 4, 2010


Game one is over! 

Congratulations to Petra Smith who chose the Wedding Cake as her free pattern.


For Plastic Canvas Crafts Designer’s Group Members Only!

RULES: READ the rules

Bingo Game Numbers will be posted on my Plastic Canvas Crafts Designer’s Group Wall and no where else!

Send your first and last name along with correct email address, and write the Word bingo as the subject to: Do not post your address anywhere else!  Send it to me on or before May 15th and your name will be put on a list for when we start game two.

  •  Each card will have a different arrangement of numbers. Do not lose this card; it will be the only one you get. You will use this card for future Bingo games.

I will post a new number every day at 11:00 PT on my Plastic Canvas Crafts Designer’s Group wall and nowhere else! So you must be a group member.

It’s up to you to keep track and to watch for the new numbers.

Anyone who calls bingo and is wrong will be disqualified from the first game!

Watch the numbers and make sure they are correct before calling Bingo!

 If you think you’re a winner post the word BINGO on my Plastic Canvas Crafts Designer’s Group Wall and no where else!

After I check your card and numbers and verify that you’re the winner, You can go to my Etsy store and pick the PDF pattern of your choice for free. As soon as you pick your pattern send an email to and let me know what PDF pattern you want. I will then send an email to you with the PDF pattern.

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11 Responses to "Bingo Game Rules"

Sounds interesting and should be fun, can’t wait to get started

Regarding the bingo game I announced: The game is for Plastic Canvas Crafts Designer’s Group Members Only!

So if you’ve not yet joined please go to the following link and become a FREE member:

Hey Kathie, I am looking forward to playing bingo with everyone, also for getting a free pattern. I love all tour patterns. Thank you for including me. God bless you, Marilyn

cant wait im sure it will be real fun

I got my card Kathy !~! Great job. You not only come up with GREAT
PATTERNS…You come up with Great Ideas !~So excited to play, and I
don’t even have to spend gas money to get there. LOL You’ve got me fired up and ready to play. Thanks,

This should be fun.
Thanks Kathy for allowing plastic canvas people to play games to win patterns


I got my card

Excellent site i will do come back promise. Nice article.

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