How would you like another FREE pattern?

Posted on: February 21, 2010

I have a question for all my plastic canvas face book friends: 

I have some graphs of some simple patterns that I made, but I don’t have time to stitch them. I’m willing to give you a pattern FREE if you would be willing to stitch it for me and send me a color digital photo of the finished project.

 Your must be experienced at stitching plastic canvas, and your stitching must be very neat.  You must know how to cover all of the canvas. 

 Most of these graphs are spiritual/Biblical sayings for wall hangings, so if you’re not spiritual this may not be for you. Sometime in the future I will have tissue box covers, trinket boxes, animals and other things that I may need stitched.   

 These projects need to be stitched extremely well, and the color digital photos must be crisp and clear as I plan to use them in my Etsy store listings in the future.

 Here’s the deal: 

I’ll send you the graph by email.  You buy all the materials. You can stitch them on 10 count using floss, or 7 count using needloft yarn.

 You keep the pattern and the finished piece. You agree to send me a full color digital photo of the project by email when you’ve finished it.  This means you need a digital camera.  Please don’t respond to this offer if you don’t have access to a digital camera or don’t know how to send a digital photo image by email attachment. 

All of the patterns are my original designs, and are copyrighted.  So you’ll have to agree that you will not sell or distribute ANY copies of in any form (whether it’s by email, printing, copying or SHARING IN ANY ONLINE GROUPS).

 I’m letting you have the pattern for FREE and in return you are stitching it and sending me back a clear digital color photo.   It’s that simple!

 If you’re interested, give me your email address. Thanks! Kathy


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