Plastic Canvas Valentine’s Day Challenge

Posted on: February 15, 2010

Valentine’s Day Challenge was a great success! Thanks everyone.  You are all awesome! It was very rewarding to see everyones minds at work. Great job.

Marie B.

Marie, you are so awesome and you have such a kind heart! You are always thinking of others. I just want to give a special “Thank You “for recognizing our military spouses and their families.

I love the medal. You did a fantastic job! My heart goes out to all those brave soldiers defending our country. God Bless and keep you safe!

Chriscee E.

Chriscee, you did a super job on this tissue box cover! Please tell me how you made your heart. It is so cool!

I really liked the message! I wish your friend all the best. His “True Love” is out there. He needs to have patience. They will meet someday.

Lori S.

This is just awesome! you did a wonderful job! The lace around the top of the hearts really makes the project stand out.

Lori S.

Very nice.! you did a wonderful job!The little x’s are so cute.

Lori K.

Lori, these are just precious. They are so cute and dainty. I like the colors you picked, and the way you outlined the little hearts. Very nicely done!

Lori P.

Lori Wow! You really did a great job! The design is stunning. I love the choice of colors. Your stitching is excellent!

Lori P.

These are so awesome. I love the little curl around the center heart. Great job!

Kathy B. I will post the pattern soon.

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