Plastic Canvas and Character Fabric Tissue Box Cover

Posted on: January 9, 2010

You can create wonderful plastic canvas tissue box covers featuring popular animated cartoon, tv,or movie characters, and not violate any copyright laws, if you know this simple trick.

 Rather than steal a  copyrighted image to stitch, all you have to do is buy some fabric with your favorite character on it, and work your project around the fabric, as I’ve done with this Tinkerbell fabric.

Not only is this completly legal, but it saves you tons of time because you don’t have to stitch such a big area. You can make these boxes all day long, with no problem, and no copyright violation.


  • One Piece 7 mesh Plastic Canvas 13 ½ x 22 ½ (Michaels Arts & Crafts Store)   
  • Plastic Canvas Needle (Michaels Arts & Crafts Store) 
  • ½ yard character fabric (Wal-Mart)

 Instructions: Sides-(outer section) cut four pieces of canvas 32 holes across x 37 holes down

(Inner section) Cut four pieces 2 holes x 29 holes across x 30 holes down

  • Work according to graph, stitching with colors appropriate for your fabric


                          Outside section                               Inside section


  • If needed iron fabric 
  • place plastic canvas inside section over fabric, starting at bottom right stitch all the way around canvas making sure your needle goes into fabric.


  • Inside section


  • Cut off any fabric that stick out past the outer edge of the plastic.

  • It is ok for canvas to bend; it will flatten out when you stitch it to the outside section

  •  Whipstitch the inside section to the outside section.
  • Outside section and inside section whipstitched together


  • Take a piece of pink yarn and stitch a boarder around the fabric, on the inside section, to help frame the picture.

  • Whipstitch all four sides together to make a box
  • Cut one 32 x 32   Whipstitch box to top

Note: These are original patterns by Kathy Barwick.  Please don’t copy this pattern and post it on other web sites. 

If you want crafters on another web site to see it, please simply post the link to this blog post. 

Here’s the link you can send to friends by email or post to other websites:

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4 Responses to "Plastic Canvas and Character Fabric Tissue Box Cover"

thanks for the idea about useing fabric pics for the tissue boxes i make them and sell them at crafts fairs in my area is it ok to use this idea and sell them?

yes you can make whatever you like with the idea! And sell it!

What a fantastic idea! I’ve been wanting to make sewing boxes for my four-year-old daughters and their best friend, but have been worried about the time commitment, given that I have NO time to spare. This idea will be just perfect!

Sadia, I’m so glad you enjoyed this idea!

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