Plastic Canvas: Quick and Easy Fringe

Posted on: December 21, 2009

I was recently asked the following question below by a fellow crafter who ran into a problem on a plastic canvas project she was working on.

Question:  I’m making coasters for Christmas. They are called “Mug Rugs”. They have fringe on each side end, and it was very hard for me to figure out how to make the fringe.  Do you have any suggestions on this? I know it is simple, but would love to know how to make it a faster project!  Can you please help?

How to make fringe

Answer: Start by cutting a 3-inch long piece of yarn.

Fold the piece of yarn in half. Thread both ends through the eye of needle. (See picture below)  

If the yarn is too thick separate it into two pieces, and only use one piece. Or put a piece of scotch tape around the end and cut the tape and yarn at and angle, so you have a small tip to pull through the eye of the needle. Then cut off the tip.

Pull through one hole at the end of the plastic, where your fringe will be. (See picture below)

There is a loop on the left side of the picture, and the needle is on the right side. Take the needle and put it through the loop. (See picture below)

Pull tight, you have now made one piece of fringe.

After filling all the holes you want for the fringe, lay the rug on a flat surface and cut the fringe so it’s all an even length. (See picture below)

Fill in empty holes with yarn

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