Plastic Canvas FREE Pattern — Tiny Trinkets Christmas Ornament

Posted on: November 21, 2009

Tiny Trinkets Christmas Ornament

Here’s a free plastic canvas Christmas Ornament you can make and hang on your Christmas tree.  You can make as many as you like, in a variety of colors.  They’re very pretty, and a real kick to make. Add your own special touch by hanging any  jewelry embellishment or trinket you like in the center.


              One sheet 10-count plastic canvas (13 ½ X 22 ½)

              Plastic canvas needle

              Jewelry embellishment or trinket of your choice

              1-DMC floss # 211

              Fashion cord #6124012



  1. Cut two 22 x  23

      2.   Using colors and stitches indicated, work according to colored graph

3. After working both sides whipstitch both pieces together, inside the cutout area and outside the cutout area. 

4.  Hang your trinket from the center or any corner.

I hope you enjoy working this pattern and have loads of fun making these gorgeous Christmas ornaments that you can use year after year. Hang them on your Christmas tree, or add a bit of flair to any Christmas wreath. 

This is an original pattern by Kathy Barwick.  Please don’t copy this pattern and post it on other web sites. 

If you want crafters on another web site to see it, please simply post the link to this blog post. 

Here’s the link you can send to friends by email or post to other websites:

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Copyright 2009.  Kathy Barwick.  All rights reserved. No reproduction or distribution of this pattern without the expressed written permission of Kathy Barwick.


7 Responses to "Plastic Canvas FREE Pattern — Tiny Trinkets Christmas Ornament"

thank you so much i like trying new things

sure is cute!

Thank you for the new Christmas plastic canvas patterns. I enjoy thy working pc very much

I have tried everything on this keyboard so I can print out this free pattern and nothing works. I realize this is a new computer only had it a month, but still don’t understand why I cannt print this pattern. Jane Prowant

Press Ctrl and the letter P. Then you can print it.

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