Selling your plastic canvas patterns to major crafts companies

Posted on: October 13, 2009

image001-37 The basic formula for selling your plastic canvas patterns is pretty simple. Here’s what you need to know.

Your single-most important asset as a crafter is – your eyes — to spot design ideas in everyday items such as quilts, draperies, floor tiles, carpets, articles of clothing and much more.

  Use your creativity and your imagination to “model and modify” those designs in order to turn them into fresh, new, original plastic canvas designs for use on tissue boxes, vases, coasters, keepsake boxes or just about anything you want. Such as this original sewing box, it’s useful, creative and very bright and cheerful.

If you practice, and become very good at designing your own original patterns, this will probably become your single-greatest sense of personal satisfaction.

 One of the best ways to earn money from your original, unique designs is through the sale of patterns to national publishers.  There are two primary publishing houses.  The first is Leisure Arts and the second is the organization that owns all of these publications:  Annie’s Attic & The Needlecraft Shop, House of White Birches, and DRG. 

These publishing houses focus on producing high-quality pattern books for all crafters, from beginner to expert.  However, because they are so lucrative, competition is fierce and only the best designs and most knowledgeable designers succeed.

 Master the Basics 

Before you can consider the more advanced aspects of selling patterns for publication, make sure you have mastered the basics of design and construction. 

Also, consider your design from the point of view of the publisher.  Publishers are looking for creations that show:

Individuality: Be creative! Think outside the box!

Color harmony: Be selective and chose colors that blend.

Texture harmony: Make sure all your stitches lay flat and that your colors do not show through from the back to the front.

Stitching technique: Your style and technique match the tone of the design.

Quality workmanship:  The quality of the article is exceptional, there are no plastic nubs showing and stitches cover all the plastic. 

Finally, make sure that that purpose of the project (decorative or functional) matches the design and construction.  Tissue covers need to fit on tissue boxes.  Wall hangings need a way to hang on the wall.  Be creative but realistic. 

That’s really all there is to it:   Use your creative eyes to find new pattern ideas in everyday things…and master the basics of individuality, color harmony, texture harmony, and quality workmanship so that your project comes together as a cohesive whole.


I have collected the best tips, tricks and techniques I know for successfully selling your original plastic canvas crafts patterns to the  major crafts publishers, in my upcoming new 350 page book, Plastic Canvas Crafts Secrets. Stay tuned.


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would love the pattern for this purse thank you

Provide me with your email address.

Send $5.95 to using pay-pal.

After payment is made I will send the pattern in PDF format to you at the email address you have given me.

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