Plastic canvas … Is it a dying craft? I think not!

Posted on: October 5, 2009

PCCS book cover openPlastic canvas crafters are always looking for patterns that are new and different. I know I did, until I focused on creating my own.

 When plastic canvas crafters can’t find patterns that are new and different to work on, they gripe and complain. You’ve heard it before, ”Plastic canvas is a dying craft. There’s nothing new out there.”

But nothing could be farther from the truth. Plastic canvas is a dynamic craft. But it’s up to you to embrace its dynamic nature.

How? You can do this by coming up with your own new stuff…by learning to create your own new original plastic canvas designs and patterns…by learning to tap into your creativity and expand your plastic canvas skills to exciting new dimensions.

That’s why I wrote my new 350 page book, Plastic Canvas Crafts Secrets. In my upcoming new book you’ll learn…

  •  How to use your creative mind’s eye to come up with new and exciting designs.
  • Where to look for patterns that will fire up those creative thoughts and trigger bold new ideas.
  •  How to create your own original patterns from scratch: my secret source of inspiration.
  • How to use a wide variety of stitches using my “Easy to Follow Stitchin-ary Guide and Color Chart”  
  • The art of creating breathtaking projects using a wide assortment of plastic canvas embellishments
  • How to make leaflets and sell them to major plastic canvas crafts publishers.
  • How to come up with a never ending supply of new ideas within your own imagination.
  • How to enter your original designs into craft competitions and bring home the blue ribbon every time!  

If you haven’t signed up to be notified as to when my new book will be available, and get a free plastic canvas pattern, I encourage you to do so now, by going to 

 I’d like also like to invite you to become a Facebook friend.  On my Facebook page, I’ve posted lots of new information and cool pictures on plastic canvas crafts.  And I’ll continue to do so over the days and weeks ahead.  Plus, I’ll be announcing on the site when my new book will be available. 

Please join me as a Facebook friend so we can communicate with each other, share ideas and photos about our passion for plastic canvas, and learn from each other.  

 Just go to and join me on Facebook today.

Kathy Barwick

Your Plastic Canvas Crafts Coach

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