Plastic Canvas and Craft Lace…Making Mini Icosahedrons is Fun!

Posted on: October 1, 2009

If you’ve never heard of an Icosahedron, in geometry it’s defined as any polyhedron having 20 faces. A polyhedron is defined as a geometric solid with flat faces and straight edges (see image below).

In modern English, I simply define them as fun to make!

Using craft lace really makes the difference in the overall appearance.

This project will soon listed on my Etsy store.  Stay tuned to this blog for more details…



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4 Responses to "Plastic Canvas and Craft Lace…Making Mini Icosahedrons is Fun!"

I love your plastic canvas. They are very pretty. do you know where i can purchase the craft lace from. Please send me the sight. I do bags and would like to use something different

Your local Wal-Mart should have the craft lace or Michael’s craft store.

How did make the ball with plastic lace. looks very hard.

For every $5 you spend on my Etsy store. you can pick a FREE pattern of your choice from Eleven cool patterns.

The Iscondrian Ball is one of the free patterns you may choose. I did it a little larger and used Christmas colors, but the way you put it together is the same.

For this Mini Iscondrian Ball I used 4 hexagon shapes and cut each one into triangles. It takes 20 triangles to make a ball. Then I cut off 6 rows from each of those triangles.

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