Kathy’s Award Winning Plastic Canvas Projects

Posted on: September 15, 2009

It is incredibly exciting to win any blue ribbon but winning the State Fair Blue Ribbon is especially exhilarating.  I will show you many of my award winning designs including the project that won top honors at the California State Fair.

Project Theme

Each year the fair coordinators select a new theme for the event.  I love using my creativity to create a plastic canvas project that will fit the theme.  I have listed some of the themes  below. Before you study my projects, take a few moments to brainstorm ideas of your own for each theme.

Kathy’s Brainstorm: This was a hard theme!  I like to put the theme words on my project to show extra creativity. The only thing big enough for the words was a semi-tractor trailer and they write everything on the sides of their trucks it turned into a winning inspiration!

2000 Kicks on Route 66     





Kathy’s Brainstorm: This one made me think of some kind of car or race and a roadrunner. If I had a roadrunner, I had to have the coyote!

 Beep! Beep! Race to the Fair


Fair Ribbons 008a


 Kathy’s Brainstorm: Of course, this project had to have a bear. When I found a baby bear patch, I thought of baby accessories or necessities and found great ideas at the grocery store.

 Find the Bear Necessities



Kathy’s Brainstorm: This theme made me think of going to the fair as a child – the lights, the sounds, the bright colors, and exciting sights. I had to find all the things you would see at the fair.  This project was a challenge!

 Come be a Kid Again



Kathy’s Brainstorm:  This would need elements of both time and Route 66. When I saw Taz and realized the great play on words, everything came together.

 Funtastic Times on Route 66



Kathy’s Brainstorm:  Sometimes they are hard and sometimes they are easy! This one was an easy one – a cowboy shouting Yee Haw!

 Yee Haw the Cowboy Highway


Kathy’s Brainstorm:  This one was a hard theme!  After thinking long and hard, I decided to craft their fair logo with some embellishments.

 Memories are Forever



√         APPEARANCE – OVERALL DESIGN & PROPORTION … 25 %√         WORKMANSHIP – HOW IS IT MADE? ………………….. 35 %√         UTILITY – DOES IT SERVE IT’S PURPOSE? ……………… 20 %√         ORIGINALITY AND CREATIVITY …………………………. 20 % √         FIRST PLACE…………………………………………………. 100% 


 As you review these designs, note that the San Bernardino County Fair

scoring is based on this scale: Each fair has their own scoring scale.

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