Materials used:

Two 3″ recessed circles

One package of Holiday Buttons

Red Heart Super Saver Cherry Red

Red Heart Super Saver Paddy Green

Rainbow Gallery Plastic Canvas 7 Gold
th (39)P1030835

free pattern

Center is stitched with gold

Step one…

Work two Circles shapes according to graph

Step Two…

Whipstitch both circles together. Stitch twice in each hole around the outer edge of  the circle.

Leave a one inch tail of yarn to make your hanging loop.

Step Three…

Glue on embellishment to center of circle. Hang on tree.


 Halloween is creeping up fast.

Patterns (229)

So if you love to do holiday-oriented plastic canvas projects, now’s the time to get started with one of these Spooktacular patterns from my store!


Get started right away and you’ll have plenty of time to stitch them up before the holidays get here.


PDF Patterns are sent to your email address, so you’ll receive them the same day you order them. Sweet, huh?   


Hi, Kathy Barwick here, for AddictedToPlasticCanvas

If you’re ready to make sure your upcoming Halloween is the best one ever, I’ve got some great plastic canvas projects for you.


The project at the top left is called Bewitched Owl Wall or Door Hanging PDF.


It’s done on artist size canvas (61 x 112 hole count), so it’s sure to be seen from the road when you hang it on your front door to scare the kiddies! Hee…hee…hee. You know they’ll love it!


Or if you have children who love to go Trick-or-Treating, how about making them this sturdy, large-size Tote Bag to carry all that candy around in?

 Bewitchen Owl

It’s called Bewitched Owl Halloween Tote, and it’s stitched on a standard size sheet of plastic canvas (70 x 90 hole count).


You can purchase the set — i.e., the Bewitched Owl Halloween Tote PDF and the Bewitched Owl Wall or Door Hanging PDF — for only $5.99.


Just click here.


Leap Into the Halloween Spirit


And while you’re getting into the Halloween spirit, here’s another PDF set I think you’re going to love. It’s called the Spooky Cat Halloween Tote plus Wall Hanging.


Both the Tote and the Wall Hanging are stitched on a standard size sheet of plastic canvas (70 x 90 hole count).


Best yet, you can purchase the set – i.e., the Tote and the Wall Hanging — for only $5.99.


Just click here.


Bundles of Classic Holiday Patterns!


You’ll find even more Halloween patterns listed in the new category on my store called Bundle of Patterns.


These are patterns taken from the older Plastic Canvas Magazines dating back to 1993, so they’re very hard to find these days!


These are not photocopies. They’re the originals, cut right out of the magazine. So once they’re gone, they’re gone for good.


I’ve put 5 patterns together as bundles. This means you SAVE MONEY!!!!


How? Because instead of paying from $3.50 – $8.00 for a single hard-to-find pattern, you now get 5 of these patterns together for just $5.50 – $7.50 total cost (depending upon the bundle you choose)!


And a number of these are really cool Halloween patterns you just can’t find anywhere else, like the one above, and the one directly below. See the rest of these inexpensive bundles, here.


More to Come…


Plus, I’ll be adding more brand NEW PDF Halloween patterns to my store over the next week, so keep your eyes open for them when you visit.

 But don’t wait until the last minute.

You’d better get crackin’ if you want to spooktacularize your house for Halloween! You know how these holidays creep up on you, before you know it.

Visit my Etsy store to browse though many different patterns, including my latest, original Halloween patterns, plus difficult-to-find, out-of-print classic Halloween patterns and much more, from Annie’s Attic, Leisure Arts and the Needlecraft Shop.

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