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KB PC Club Membership. Starts Jan 1st, 2016. Pay $10.00 a month. Want to skip a month no worries. Just pay before the 7th of any given month.

How it works…if interested email me. You get to pick five patterns all at once. But no later than the 7th of each month, from the Kathy Barwick section on my etsy store. Over 200 patterns to

choose from. Below are just a few of your patterns to pick from.
 KB Patterns 3 KB Patterns 4 KB Patterns 5 KB Patterns 6KB Patterns 1

Email me the exact names of the 5 patterns before the 7th of the month.

Kind regards,


Holiday LED Pillar Candle Holder

Pattern is in color, with color graphs and step by step instructions.

W50 x H67 holes ornaments

W64 x H66 Candycane

standard size sheets

7 Count


plastic canvas

Plastic Canvas Crafts Secrets

How to spark your inner "idea factory" and take all of your plastic canvas crafts projects from the ordinary to the breathtakingly extraordinary virtually overnight!


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